How can I fly ?

Usual roads, unsteady Tribes

Life already ruined those amazing nights,

Apparent condition, don't get high

Don't you get angry and why would you cry

Could somebody tell me, How can i fly

You know...!

I broke into pieces,

It was a long time,

When river was normal but altitude was high,

Those were my friends waving me from the other side,

I didn't expect this it was my soul, someday which was on my side,

Could somebody tell me, how still can i fly

Looking at the mirror again those f**king lies

What can I tell them if i was the only guy,

Those up's and down's were there because i never tried,

It was my mistake I'm the one responsible for my own life,

Still sometime's i feel like- my dream will come true soon I'll be in the sky

But could somebody please tell me, how can i fly!

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