Evolution of humanity!

Every single society is being diverse by the fact, that their mean of devotion and method of philosophy is way more poles apart and superior than other ones.

To balanced out the good and bad occurrences, one must consider both negative with positive thoughts too- lies on the same lane. An entire society cannot withstand with only positive all. Because way too perfect is not a stream followed by humans. Human on the other side is a curious creature, they are more confused at all in the stake to search for reality. They make their rules on their fact where they believe the truth lies; instead changing the deep thinking inside. humans on the other hand, try to make rules to persuade the thinking they come with, I rather consider this egoistic and selfishness.

They let their own rituals, to the entire race to suffer for centuries

To understand the facts of other societies and their way of living, conflict occur when one devoted society compare other with own positive and their negative sides.

Human race became more selfish with the rise of their evolution, from the century of thrones when all certain tasks were given by the royals while giving each of them a training to divert their thinking and make one person capable for performing the work they'd assigned for.

I certainly believe we have evolved much with the technology, medical, architecture and other sectors… on the other hand the negative impact to focus more on evolution without considering about the generosity, mankind…

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